paticmak tagged me so i do it quickly before going to sleep ;)

Draw what you wear :

- Everyday outift
- At home outfit
- Special occasion outfit

that was actually my outfits for the past 3 days ! (we had a toga party, i was medusa :P)

For the next 5 weeks, victoriaying is teaching us visual development for animation ! it’s so exciting, she is so talented and awesome !

soooo this year i’ll be working on a game project about overcoming the fear to talk to your crush.

you can go check the (not yet very stocked) production blog : http://feelsgame.tumblr.com/

i’ve been watching some Tom Raider(2013) walkthroughs ! very impressive game !

expept perhaps Lara’s constant whining … i don’t get it, she use to be such a badass ! on the other hand she’s 21 and it’s her first adventure so maybe she’ll be tougher later in the game …

btw, there’s no way i can play this game. it’s so scary i would have tossed my computer away and have a nervous breakdown : i can’t handle dying, i always get waaaaay too immersed in the gameplay !

one last set of james bond gesture drawings before going to sleep